Biltmore Forest Country Club is proud of its history and traditions and therefore we place a great deal of importance on maintaining appropriate attire and proper etiquette at all times. The club is a place where ladies and gentlemen gather and therefore dress codes have been established for various activities and areas of the Club and are listed below. Members are responsible for insuring that their guests follow dress code policies.

We hope you have a wonderful experience while visiting our club. For additional questions, please call the Front Desk at 828-274-1261.

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Biltmore Forest Country Club allows a limited use of cell phones. Cell phones may be used to make or receive calls in the bedrooms, in your car, and in the Men's and Women's Locker rooms. Non-verbal use of cell phones and tablets is allowed in all other areas of the club.
  • Smoking Policy
    • Smoking of cigarettes/cigars and vaping is permitted only by the scoreboard at No. 11 and while playing golf on the golf course. Smoking and vaping is prohibited in all buildings. 
  • Dress Code

      The Club permits casual dress throughout the main clubhouse prior to 6:00pm. Casual dress is defined as a shirt with a collar, slacks or shorts for men and boys. Women and girls are asked to adhere to similar standard of dress. Clothing with frayed edges, visible rips or tears is not considered appropriate attire in any area of the club. Tee shirts, tank tops, swimwear, workout attire, etc. are not considered appropriate attire in the main clubhouse.  It is not appropriate for men to wear hats anywhere under roof. Where golf hats are permitted, hats must be worn with the bill forward. Jeans are not permitted anywhere on club property.


      A jacket is required in the Main Dining Room and Formal Terrace after 6:00pm. Some club events may require coat and tie. Prior to 6:00pm proper casual attire is expected. Hats are not permitted anywhere under roof.

      CHILDREN'S ATTIRE (12 & under)

      Inside: Collared shirts are required for boys. Sneakers are acceptable. Shorts are allowed but blue jeans and cut-offs are not appropriate. Girls are expected to dress to a similar standard.

      Outside: Shorts and sneakers are acceptable for boys, but collared shirts are required. Swimsuits, T-shirts, blue jeans and cut-offs are not appropriate. Girls are expected to dress to a similar standard. 


      Proper casual attire is the preferred dress in the Grill Room. Informal sports attire, such as golf, or tennis clothing is also permitted. Swimming attire must be fully covered. Cut-offs or fitness clothes are not permitted, nor are blue jeans or collarless shirts. Shoes are required at all times. Flip-Flops are only permitted at the Pool House. Men may not wear hats indoors in any part of the Club. Shirts such as turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and dress shirts with “Henley” collars are also appropriate. Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times.


      Appropriate foot wear is to be worn at all times. The use of non-metal spikes is mandatory. Junior golfers, ages twelve and under, are permitted to wear tennis shoes. Flat soled shoes are permitted on the putting green. For men, appropriate shirts with sleeves and collars must be worn at all times. Turtlenecks are permitted, but not tee shirts. Appropriate slacks or Jamaica or Bermuda length shorts are required. Swimwear, cut-offs, tennis shorts, athletic shorts or jeans are not appropriate golf course attire. For women, appropriate golf skirts, Jamaica or Bermuda length shorts or slacks are appropriate. Swimwear, halter tops, strapless blouses, jeans, cut-offs or tennis attire is not appropriate golf course attire.


      Non-tennis attire (including beach wear, cut-offs and basketball and running shorts) will not be permitted on the tennis courts. Men must wear collared shirts at all times (no sleeveless shirts or T-Shirts). Juniors are expected to wear appropriate tennis attire. All players must wear regulation tennis shoes on the courts. Cross training, basketball and jogging shoes are not be permitted. 


      Members and Guests using the Fitness Center are required to wear shirts, shorts, and clean athletic shoes. Shirts and shorts must be clean and free of holes. Athletic or aerobics ensembles are acceptable, however appropriate cover-ups are required when leaving the building. For safety purposes, shoes must have closed toes and heels, and rubber soles. Bare feet are permitted only in the locker room areas (exceptions made only in the case of a specific program held in the aerobics studio). 


      All swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear. “Cut-off” pants, athletic shorts or other garments not specifically designed for swimming are not appropriate at the Pool House. Any swim trunks with visible clothing underneath (boxer shorts, underwear, etc.) are not appropriate. Swimwear attire must be completely covered and shoes worn outside the fenced pool area. Uncovered swimsuits are not permitted elsewhere on club grounds, in the parking areas or in the Clubhouse.

  • Unmanned Aerial System (Drone) Policy
    • Unmanned Aerial System (Drone) Policy

      Due to safety and privacy concerns, BFCC prohibits the operation of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, on or above BFCC grounds at any time. This includes model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists — without the prior written authorization from the General Manager.

      This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone used by media or journalists operating above or within BFCC area boundaries. This prohibition extends to any devices launched or operated from BFCC, as well as any launched from private property outside of BFCC.

      Any authorized operation of drones on or above BFCC will be governed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, local law enforcement and/or U.S. Forest Service rules. BFCC retains rights to any images and videos obtained by drones operating from BFCC and may implement additional policies governing their use.

      Any violation of this policy may result in any/all of the following: suspension of access privileges to BFCC and confiscation of any prohibited equipment. Violators may also be subject to primary liability for damages; including, but not limited to, damages for trespass, violations of privacy and physical injuries to people and/or property, as well as legal defense costs.

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